JavaTM Applets

If you need a custom Java applet or application made, you've come to the right place. Showcased below is some of our work.

Chart Applets
Add colorful bar, and line graphs to your web page with Rossi Engineering's Chart Applets
POP Server application
Enables remote users to fetch email from your server via the POP3 protocol.
Clock Applet
Digital clock applet that displays the time on a remote server. Highly configurable. Runs as both an applet and an application. Put one on your web page, or put one on your desktop.
Color Chooser Applet
Displays a palette of colors that won't dither under Netscape. Click on one of the colors to have its hex value displayed.
Cribbage Applet
Play cribbage against the computer. Full source code available Play cribbage against the computer. Full source code available.
Massachusetts Map Applet
Want to know where Franklin, MA is? This applet shows the location of any city or town in Massachusetts. Move the mouse cursor over the state to get latitude and logitude of anyplace in the state. Draw a line between 2 points to find the distance in miles.