This is intended to be instructions on how to operate the program. It is not intended to teach the game of cribbage. For that, please look at this page

Below is an annotated screen shot of the game. It consists of the following components:

The cribbage board

The cribbage board is simply a device for keeping score. There are many styles of cribbage boards, but the key feature is that they allow at least two players to count up to 121 points.

The board shown on the left is the one used in this game. It has four columns of 32 holes. The bottom two rows of holes are used only as a place holder for the pegs before the game starts, and for the 121st hole. The left 2 columns of holes are used for one player, and the right two for the other player. In this game the left set of holes is use by the computer, and the right set by the human player.

This is a very common style board, and was used in this game because it was familiar. By convention, one moves their pegs up the outside set of holes, and back down on the inside. It is 30 points up, and 30 back for a total of 60. To make 121, one goes around the board twice. This action is illustrated in the image to the left.

My (computer's) hand

These are the computer's cards. During most of the game, these are shown face down.

Your (human player's) hand

These are your cards. Clicking on a card will raise it a bit, to indicate that it is selected. This works in conjunction with the action button. When the appropriate number of cards are selected for some operation, the action button will be enabled, and disabled otherwise. Most operations require selecting one card, but the discard phase of play requires you to select two.

For example, to play a card during the play, click on a card to select it, then press the action button.

The deck

This is the deck of cards. During the play and the show, the start card is visible here. Otherwise, the back of a card is shown.

At the beginning of a hand, click on the deck to deal. After discarding for the crib, click on the deck for the start card.

Cards in play

During the play, played cards are shown here in the order that they are played. This allows you to easily visualize runs and pairs, etc.

Action button

This is the button directly below your hand. It is used througout the game for various purposes. It will at various times have different text on it. For example, it may say 'Done pegging' which indicates you should press it after finishing manually moving you peg. Or it may say 'Play card' during the play. You press this after selecting a card to play it.

In general, it is used to complete some action, such as selecting cards for some operation, or moving your peg. Sometimes it will simply say 'Ok', to make sure you have seen some action of computer opponent.

Hint button

This button, when pressed during discard or during the play, will select cards for you. This is intended for the novice player.

Auto peg checkbox

If you don't wish to manually move your peg and score your own hand, you may check this checkbox. Doing so will have the computer score you points and move your peg for you.