Web and Internet experience:

This web site that you are viewing now was created here at Rossi Engineering by lead engineer Bill Rossi. Bill writes HTML, produces CGI and Java programs for this site. Bill also handles server administration and general network administration. Click here for a CGI demo application.

Bill has written many applications that run on the server to handle things from E-mail delivery to specialized server applications. Bill's resume is available on this site for more details on some of his projects.

Bill has expertise in the following internet protocols: SMTP, POP3, DNS, Telnet, FTP, ICMP, finger, HTTP. He has created custom sendmail configurtions here that allow us to properly route mail for multiple domains with a single server.

This particular server is configured for virtual hosting and uses CGI and server parsed HTML, and access control. The hits counter on the main page was written here using digits lifted from the Java digital clock and put into the page using server parsed HTML and CGI.

This server powered by:

OS/2 Warp Apache web server